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Small update

Just a small update.

Pageant has arrived and is about 95% romanized in it's first night! Yay!!

I've put Nocturnal Opera on hold for a little bit, until I can get Pageant done and the site back up. If you haven't noticed by now, Phoenix is moving! ^^ I have 3 out of 10 sections up, but the rest shouldn't take too awfully long to do. It's just a matter of typing more stuff (no picture linking!! *happy dance!!*)

Tonight I typed up the credits for Pageant (having typed up credits for Nocturnal Opera on Monday or Tuesday) and went back to add all the Catalog Numbers onto all of the albums in the discography. Now I have the entire discography for what they've done already.

Note: typing up credits sucks, but at least it's not another DVD worth of credits XDDD that was a biiiitch to type up.

So, that's it for now on my end. I need some sleep. I wrote a pseudo-review for Pageant over at malicemizer, if anyone's interested ^^ It sucks because I'm tired XDD


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