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ok guys, site stuff update~~

bloodmarionette is over, and when we haven't been costuming, we've been romanizing. So far, the completion rate is as follows:

Nocturnal Romance † 90% romanized

monophobia † 98% romanized

vestige † 65% romanized

Vizard † 100% completed (in English)

Mephisto Waltz † 98% romanized

the Prophet † 95% romanized

Shadows Temple-x † 100% romanized and translated

So after she gets home (around August 10), we shall continue with help from her computer programs. A majority of the things we have translated were words we already knew (99% of what I romanized for Mephisto Waltz were words I picked out very easily, so that made me extremely happy).

So, if you were wondering, we are, in fact, busily working~! *^^* We hope to have it done by September.

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