The Awakening of the Light (odangoatama) wrote in baranoseidou,
The Awakening of the Light

Just a note~

We're proud to announce the opening of darknessdream, the LJ community for Bara no Seidou's upcoming sister site, Darkness Dreaming. Run by our very own bloodmarionette.

For right now, we have romanizations of Hora's "Frozen Past" up (I romanized 98% of it correctly by ear in 15 minutes or less, which was a personal best since Mephisto Waltz) and we're working on the translations. While the romanization is up, we won't offer the songs themselves for download to anyone. I know there will be others that are willing to do so, but we don't feel right about it. I hope you guys can understand ♥

Please enjoy the new addition!

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